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Gaya biodegradable Capsules – Classico

From: 34,90
An intense coffee characterized by a good body, persistent aroma and low level of acidity. Arabica meets Robusta creating a blend with a round and well-balanced taste.

Gaya biodegradable Capsules – Arabica

From: 36,90
Arabica is our signature blend and a strong and complex coffee with subtle caramel notes. The blend is well balanced. Its aroma is intense and rich of pleasant flavors. The body is well defined and round.

Gaya biodegradable Capsules – Arabica Plus

From: 39,50
Arabica plus is characterized by an intense and tasty bouquet. It is round, well balanced and offers a trace of bitterness despite its low to medium acidity. Its aroma is full of roasted cereal notes and the aftertaste is rich.

Gaya biodegradable Capsules – Decaf

From: 39,50
Decaf is the best blend for people who want to choose decaf coffee keeping the intense pleasure of quality coffee. Our decaf coffee blend has a great aroma and a round body. Its well-balanced flavor reminds of pleasant milk chocolate notes and roasted nuts.