The Unique Gaya Gold Coffee Can

Gaya Gold Coffee owns the proprietary shaped 200 ml can for Gaya Gold Coffee products. No other beverage can use this can without Gaya Golds permission.

Our Gaya Can is made out of metal, which made the development of our uniquely shaped Gaya can a lot more complicated. Eventually, in order to create our desired shape, the metal is stretched out with 25%. The reason that it is made from metal is because our can would collapse from the pressure if it was made out of aluminium.

The aim for using a can for our Gaya iced coffee over other packaging types is that it, combined with our unique shape, creates a more luxurious look. At the same time, the unique shape of our Gaya can is very comfortably placed in your hand.

Gaya Gold Coffee has won
some great awards and accolades